Giga-Link digital audio transmission in real-time

lautsprecheris a digital transmission line with excellent features.

With this electronic digital transmission in real time the “wireless-age” for music groups starts.

Technical specifications:

Delaytime:                 < 3ms
Linearität:                  20Hz – 20kHz +/- 1dB
Range:                         ca. 100m

One transmitter can control up to 10 receivers


Wireless TX Unit


The box contains the transmitter with antenna, power supply and connection cable for the audio source to be transmitted.

The device is supplied with 5 V and can be connected to the audio source over a chinch plug with a 3.5 mm jack plug or by a cable provided.

Wireless Transmission Set


Wireless transmission set (transmitter and receiver) for the own system in real time (delay <3ms) in the audio range with extremely good linearity (20 – 20.00 Hz +/- 1dB).

The system MMS Giga-Link has a range up to 100m.

The wireless Transmission Set is provided with 2 power supplies and 2 chinch connection cables.